Me and M. The love of my life.

I’m Jen and I am currently 27 years old and living in the state of wild and wonderful West Virginia.  I know what you are thinking – toothless rednecks with broken down trucks on cinder blocks in their front yards with unkempt houses, dilapidated and filled with junk.  However, it is a gorgeous state and while, yes, there are parts that are certainly a little rough around the edges, I love it!

I am on a journey of weight-loss and health-gaining!  My father is a Type II Diabetic and seeing what he is going through and knowing how much he doesn’t want that for me is certainly motivation!  I also want to feel great, be able to wear cute clothes, be more active and get my body ready for a future wedding and hopefully kids!  I know that weight loss is a battle that millions of people face.  It is my hope that by posting my journey on this blog, I will not only help myself but help to encourage others who may be struggling along with me!

I am blessed with a happy little furry family.  I have a beautiful Golden/Great Pyrenees mix named Sam:

Sam at 6 months graduating from Puppy School!

I also have a feisty feline named Spazz who is the most vocal cat you will ever meet!

Spazz the Feisty Feline!


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